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Sunday, 12 May 2019

Change begins when you smile again !

She had an unlimited imagination.
She could start mimicking people from different accents and languages.

She could play on her drummer from early Winter to late summer.
She had the spirit of victorious Queen.
Pride and humbleness was her tonic and Gin.

Dancing , singing and playing , are just few things .
She had the picture of this little boy on her wall.
He resembles her real inermost feelings of joy.

She dosen't need to change much from inside.
She just need to bring back her own authentic personality.
The personality which was created especially to represent her uniqueness on earth.

She don't need a miracle to get back on the right track of joy.
She just need to look at the mirror and smile... 
say hello to her sweet self  ,
and comeback to life again.

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