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Friday, 19 January 2018

Can the Magic of Nature Teach us Strategic Planning?

When we look back to evaluate the last year; we tend sometimes to focus on our setbacks instead of focusing on our achievements, which is not the best way to meet the new year with a spirit of successful aspiration.
The most vital in every successful self development process is the awareness of our own potentials and limitations.

Do you belong to category of leaders who starts their new year by placing their goals and aspirations higher than their capacity? Do you belong to those who set small timeframes to achieve a high set of goals?
If you belong to one of the above mentioned categories; it is nothing but a prophecy for disappointments and lower self-esteem.
We live in a time of a very fast forward cycle of developments. Maybe it is the right time to evaluate the ways we have been using to put our goals, the results we have been achieving, both the good and bad ones, and the impact of such results on our future.
Every leader, every follower, every family member, and every child is affected by this speedy tempo. Don’t you feel sometimes that this speedy tempo is similar to the mountain coaster? And sometimes it is hard to catch up the real meaning behind the process.
This is a very dangerous way to go; as people in the organization feel that they can’t live up to expectations. When frustration substitutes satisfaction, and disappointments take the place of celebration.
Lessons learned from nature might guide us to get into the right direction.
In nature there are laws and processes where everything is in harmony.
Nature itself is the best role-model for every successful organization. The board and the members are equal in responsibilities and benefits.
The rain and the seeds, together with the vegetation and seasons. The animals of every kind, and the humans of every race, color and culture.
When one of these essential members violates the law of nature, it will cause harmful consequences for the rest of the entire organization.
Learning by watching repeated actions and evaluating results, is what farmers did for thousands of years, and this allowed humanity to survive and succeed to develop with a reasonable timetable and tempo.
It is the main responsibility for every leader to take seriously; when goals and aspirations are in harmony with the abilities and skills of each member in the organization.
Make sure that everyone is dancing to your music, not only shaking their bodies to your order.
Make sure that everyone feels the pride of being part of the success through the year, and enjoys the harvest of his/her own efforts.
Just take a walk to the nearest forest, and watch the magical harmony of the nature.
When looking forward to make the best of 2018, slow down the tempo, have reasonable expectations, rise up your head, and see each miracle in your organization.


Saturday, 23 December 2017

The spirit of Christmas.

The more lights i can lit , the more hope I can light.
I see them coming from the darkness , breaking the wall of the night.
I see them running to meet me under the Jasmine tree
I see them happy, independents and free.
If i can't see them this way at Christmas time, what else can I see ?
Christmas is the time of creation, the time of salvation.
I  survived because of the gift was given to me.
Don't let today's struggle makes you feel enslaved , don't accept it as your only reality.
Lift up your head and look at the stars, be one of them.. Only Love will set you free.

Monday, 6 November 2017

How can dignity for all transform our future ?

My article on a-speakers

When I searched for the word “dignity” in Swedish language, I found many synonyms like excellence, prominent feature, superiority, worthiness and respectability. I am sure that in many other cultures and languages there are lots of synonyms that can fill the gap of defining the real meaning of dignity for all. The word dignity is not common in today’s language among youth and adults, even though it is something that we all seek in our daily lives. It is the basic need for recognition that every one of us has, and every one of us is seeking in a way or another.
We just have to take a fast look at the mainstream social media to recognize that the “likes” people seek from other people are nothing but a call for recognition. The word dignity is baked in sentences and actions when recognition is at the stake. The challenge today is not to revive the word dignity in everyday language. The challenge is to recognize and acknowledge that there are as many definitions of the word dignity as there are humans on earth, and all these definitions can be considered legitimate from each individual’s perspective.
We should understand that we don’t own the one and only definition, and should never measure other people’s definitions with our own; however, we should canalize our definition of dignity with billions of other definition to create a road-map for success for all of us. The road to dignity starts when we recognize that all the roads lead us to the desired destination, and all roads mean nothing else but every human’s definition of dignity lead her/him to the desires path of Life.
The day we start showing respect for other individuals, by actions that clearly show that dignity is inalienable and regarded as the cornerstone for all other rights. So, in order to allow all these individual’s tiny roads of synonyms of dignity to lead us to the main road of dignity, we should seek to assure people in every possible way and situation that:
– They are excellent in the way they are performing their jobs when they do so.
– They are superior no matter their role in the organization.
– They are respected for the personality they have, for the type of family character they have, for their choice of sexuality.
– They add value to the organization with their different cultures, values, races and colors.
– They are worth a lot for the beauty of the organization, and the whole system of the sustainable and successful world.
A leader is like a shepherd; he stays behind the flock, letting the most nimble go out ahead, where upon the others follow, not realizing that all along they are being directed from behind. Leading a family, an organization, or a nation requires practical steps to assure that everyone on-board feels safe, is included and their needs are satisfied, while walking on their own pace.
It is all about our future, and together we can transform hate into love, suspicion into understanding, aggression into nonviolence, sexism into gender-equality, and prejudice into knowledge-based opinion.