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Sunday, 27 December 2015


The most spectacular changes in life comes from within. They take place when our hearts grow bigger than our wisdom, and when we realize that we do not own the absolute truth.
Alain Safa

Sunday, 8 November 2015

My song to my Kids

You can come , you can Go
You can say yes , you can say No
You can laugh, you can Cry
You can say when, you can say Why
 You can tell, you can Yell
I will Always love You
I will Always hug You
I will love you again and Again
Because you are the blood, and you are my Vain.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

One day...

One day, they'll be free
One day, they'll understand that I belong to them,
 and they belong  to me
One day, they'll win over the madness of the sea
One day, their blindness will disappear , and their eyes will see
One day they'll come back to hug me
One day ...  not far from today
One day, they'll  return to me!

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Are you loved a real love ? ...

Reflection on real Love !
To be loved in time and space, in guilt and grace , in war and peace , in captures and release.

To be loved without conditions, without permissions, and under all  circumstances and conditions.
To be loved for whom you are, for what you stand for , no matter where in the earth you are.
To be loved for your faith in humanity , not for your religiosity
To be loved for your personal honesty, not for your organizational loyalty.
To be loved without distance,without borders, without limits,without instructions,without orders.

To be loved in this way is to be gifted and blessed in many ways.
To be a giver of such love makes you to a person with steady feet on Earth ,and a heart above all other aboves.
The way you send your love is the same way you'll recieve it back.
Remember , what goes around comes around .
/ Alain Safa

Monday, 6 April 2015

I do Exist !

Those who can enjoy their lives without your presence, they don´t need to know that you still exist .
 Learn from the law of nature,  that nothing exists for no reason , and everything effects everything.
Even if everyone denies your existance or pretend that you don´t exist only to calm their own guilt-feeling ,

 be sure that the day you die, mother earth will never deny her sons. / Alain Safa

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Who is who ?

 When you´re Connected to the core , your head above the clouds, and your feet on the floor.
Who needs the keys in the absence of doors ?

Who needs the maps and its punctual positions, when the heart on its right position ?

Who needs a light house to lead the boat in the darkness, when your mind is a sea of light and your  imagination is the ocean of the limitless brightness of the billions of unborn children ?

Who needs to buy a bottle of perfume from  a  Parisienne store, when your beloved breaths fills every bees with its magical fragrance that you adore ?

Who needs the recognition of the others,  when your inner core assures you day after day that you are his beloved friend forevermore ?

Who needs to know what happen after death, when you´re aware of the importance of every single moment of your life here and now ?

Who , it always starts with you, and it should always ends by you.
Who is the question that was asked by you about your own life.
Why should  that question be answered by everyone else,  but  not you ?

Who is leading you?
Who is leading your company ?
Who is leading your family ?
Who, is not unknown for those who really knows who they´re.
Who, is the snare that many fanatics and opportunists draws around the necks of those who are still seeking for whom they´re.

 Self awareness is the answer that turns all your who´s to  sharp and unquestionable knows.

Monday, 23 February 2015

You and Me

The resemblance between me and her is equal to the similarity between me and my mother.
The look, the dreams, the madness, the roots.

The resemblance between me and her is the initial evidence which the enemy is trying to destroy and falsify.But who can silence a pounding heart who dreams of running at Hamra street?

Who can silence the voice that cries out from the depth of the roots of the southern Lebanon's strong affiliation to the true freedom and dignity?

The similarity between me and him is equal to the similarity between me and myself when I was in his age.
The look, the dreams, the sensitivity, the creativity.

Who can falsify what is real?
Who can distort what is in harmony with the origin?
Who can isolate the light from the sun?
Who can change on what God has perpetuated?
The similarity reflects the Eternity
The similarity confirms the news about the amazing future that awaits reunification.
We all five have both good and less good qualities.
Open to others
Sensitive with real compassion
Generous without borders
Creative in many ways
Consistent as death
Gentle and humble
Naive when we think plenty of those who are opportunists
Credulous rather than prejudiced.
Dark forces divided us the Five stars into a dark night.
These forces thought they might distort the colors of the rainbow.
They succeeded for a second, but they have totally failed in making the white to black, and paint the true originals to a fake ghost for those who are like him.

I've sent my letters with carrier pigeons in a holy mission.
I have given the secret names of the four stars that are trapped behind the high walls of darkness.
I'm waiting for my carrier pigeons to return along with the splendor of the four stars faces that shine my heart day and night.
I know that when they read my letters, they´ve received from the pigeons, they´ll reflect themselves in these true mirroring descriptions out of their roots and belongings, and they will get the power to tear apart the Gauls on their cell.

The similarity and authenticity between us is as strong as the authenticity of God's unconditional love for people, and the deeds which translates it into practice. Such similarities Not even death can change.
Remember what Jesus has said once!
Whoever has seen me, has seen the Father.

 And I say...

Whoever has seen my kids, has seen me in person!/ Alain Safa

Friday, 30 January 2015

Flower power

Är du alltid redo att bemöta utmaningen när tillfälligt dyker up ? Är du alltid redo att lyssna med intensivt intresse för andras bästa ? Är du den som tvekar aldrig att säga med ett leende på läpparna, visst ligger det på mitt bord ! Då är du den ledare som alla vill lägga sina kort på ditt bord och följa dig vart än du leder de. Ledarskap är en fullvuxen fyra säsongers blomma som får andra att blomma upp för att själv inte vissna ./ Alain Safa

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Ödmjukt Ledarskap

Ledarskap handlar inte bara om makten att bestämma. Det handlar om makten att bemyndigar och förstärker de människor som har anförtrott oss att leda dem.
Ledarskap formas inte av stålaktiga människor som inte visar varken empati eller känslor.
Den Formas av ödmjuka och empatiska ledare som är redo att lyssna när andra har något att säga .

För varje dag som passerar förbi, blir
 jag ödmjuk inför livets oändliga visdom , och jag inser att etthundra år är så kort tid för en människa för greppa den fullkomliga meningen med livet. Det som får mig att vara nyfiken på livet, är de människor som står och väntar på att någon vågar att ta risker som skapar hållbarhet och stabilitet för de kommande generationer.

Låt aldrig själviskheten och rädslan tar kommandot över ditt korta liv .
Låt inte dina bekymmer om hur du ska tjäna mer pengar , förblindar dig och hindrar dig att se de enkla och dyrbaraste glädjeämnen i livet , som kräver varken pengar eller makt.

Ödmjukheten gör att ledaren alltid redo att forma dig till den form du önskar , Hemligheten ligger i din villighet all förbli formbar i hans händer vilket betyder att aldrig stelnar varken i hjärtat eller i sinnet.

Var öppen för de fantastiska sanningar som varje människa på jorden har att lära dig. Den dagen vi anser att vi har lärt oss tillräckligt , då är det ingen mening att leva längre, men den dagen kommer aldrig att visa sig för de kunskaps törstiga .
Se till att du aldrig släcker din kunskaps törst och din villighet att dela med dig av den till andra människor.
/ Alain Safa

Thursday, 15 January 2015


Peacebuilding can not be built on  a piece of paper. It should be built by pieces of our hearts. / Alain Safa