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Monday, 27 January 2014

Timing ...

How can you know the date ,when you don´t know if you are early or if you are late ? How can you know what is important when you don´t know your weight ? How can you be up to date when you´re always late ?What makes you become a loser or become a Bill Gate ? It is timing what makes things gets GREAT. / Alain Safa

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Talanger ....

Var och en av oss fick egna talanger av Mästaren att investera. Alla har möjlighet att satsa egna talanger i öst och i väst. Kom ihåg att din hantering av dina talanger är upp till testet. Ta väl hand om dina talanger, och din Mästare kommer att ta hand om resten. Bryr du dig om dina talanger? Om inte, jag försäkrar dig att någon annan kommer att göra det, och kommer att få det bästa! / Alain Safa

Talents in action ...

Everyone of us was given own talents by the Master to invest . Everyone has the chance to invest its own talents in east and in west. Remember that your management of your talents is up to test. Take care of your talents very well, and your Master will take care of rest. Don´t you care of your talents?If not, I assure you that someone else will do, and will get the best! / Alain Safa

Tro ,Hopp och Kärlek ...

Religionskritikerna  är absolut inte de som är Gudstrons verkliga dödgrävare. Den rollen tillfaller snarare inskränkta och fanatiska grupper och sekter som missbrukar tron för sina egna inhumana och destruktiva syften. Tro ,hopp och kärlek  är den trenigheten som är symbolen för sann humanism , men samtidigt som är helt främmande för de som har kidnappat Gud och gjort honom till en grym och blind härskare. Gud är en sann kärlek för de som vågar att kritisera de orättvisor som bedrivs av de trolösa ,Gudlösa religiösa fanatiker. / Alain Safa

Faith . Hope and Love ...

Religion Critics are certainly not those who are God's Faith real gravedigger. That role goes to the rather narrow-minded and fanatical groups and sects that are  abusing the faith of their own inhumane and destructive purposes. Faith, hope and love is the Trinity which is the symbol of true humanism, but while that is completely foreign to those who have hijacked God and turned him into a cruel and blind rulers. God is a true love for those who dare to criticize the injustices carried out by the faithless, Godless religious fanatics. / Alain Safa

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Thouch !

If we can´t touch the depth of the people we meet,our deeds are not worthy that much. Make sure that whatever you do,you´re deeply touching the hearts of those who´re effected by your seeds , by your deeds, by your words , by your ears. They feel nourished ,encouraged and enjoying the inner peace. / Alain Safa

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The gift

Anyone who begrudge others for the gifts they have, he / she did not deserved to get own gifts./ Alain Safa

Monday, 13 January 2014


Perspektiv är de glasögon som den gamla visdomen använder för att se den nya insikter. / Alain Safa


Perspective is the eyeglasses that the old wisdom uses in order to see the new insight./ Alain Safa

Can nothingness bring you results ?

Rapid harvests tend to reap what laziness has sown. Do not expect the growth of nothingness. Emptiness trees only fruit that the lazy can harvest is ... poverty. / Alain Safa

Skörden som aldrig blev sådd.

Snabba skördar har benägenhet att skörda vad lättjan har sått. Förvänta dig inte tillväxt av intet. Tomhetens träd enda frukt som den late kan skörda är... fattigdomen ./ Alain Safa

Muskulösa tankar som lyfter upp.

Stora Filosofier skapar framgångsrika strategier som gör ditt liv och livet  för människor runt omkring dig fullt av glädje och energi. Se till att du antar en av dessa filosofier varje gång du möter strömmar av svårigheter. / Alain Safa

Thoughts makes miracles... Think twice !


Great Philosophies creates successful strategies that makes your life and the life's of people around you full of happiness and energy. Be sure that you adopt one of these philosophies each time you face streams of difficulties./ Alain Safa

Sunday, 12 January 2014


In Common terms creates Friendship.= Communication with God creates eternity. / Alain Safa

Fear ...

When fear fertilized with fanaticism and egoism, it become pregnant and it got the inferno´s first prize . Two childrens. the first one it called him religion, and the second one it called him greedy. Mr Fear raised his kids to become immature individuals, blind in their minds. not in their eyes. Be aware of the kids of fear my dear !
PS: Mr Fear is the one who rules over millions of blind around the world.Don´t call everyone who can see for a seer. All those who commiting crimes are good seers ,otherwise they wont be able to kill what they dont see. Do you see what I mean ? / Alain Safa

Real friends

Those who can touch the heart and reach the depth of the soul are those who are the real rich and not those who have the money.The rich ones are those who can create a whole world with sweat , blood and tears, just to give it away to those who deserves to be called " Friends". How many of your friendlist Friends on Facebook are worthy your blood , sweat and tears ? / Alain Safa

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Before you judge me, try hard to love me...

So many youth among Jehovas Witnesses are searching för their lost childhood.. Michael Jackson wrote this song about his terrible  childhood as a Jehovas witness.