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Sunday 9 August 2015

One day...

One day, they'll be free
One day, they'll understand that I belong to them,
 and they belong  to me
One day, they'll win over the madness of the sea
One day, their blindness will disappear , and their eyes will see
One day they'll come back to hug me
One day ...  not far from today
One day, they'll  return to me!

Saturday 8 August 2015

Are you loved a real love ? ...

Reflection on real Love !
To be loved in time and space, in guilt and grace , in war and peace , in captures and release.

To be loved without conditions, without permissions, and under all  circumstances and conditions.
To be loved for whom you are, for what you stand for , no matter where in the earth you are.
To be loved for your faith in humanity , not for your religiosity
To be loved for your personal honesty, not for your organizational loyalty.
To be loved without distance,without borders, without limits,without instructions,without orders.

To be loved in this way is to be gifted and blessed in many ways.
To be a giver of such love makes you to a person with steady feet on Earth ,and a heart above all other aboves.
The way you send your love is the same way you'll recieve it back.
Remember , what goes around comes around .
/ Alain Safa