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Saturday 7 March 2015

Who is who ?

 When you´re Connected to the core , your head above the clouds, and your feet on the floor.
Who needs the keys in the absence of doors ?

Who needs the maps and its punctual positions, when the heart on its right position ?

Who needs a light house to lead the boat in the darkness, when your mind is a sea of light and your  imagination is the ocean of the limitless brightness of the billions of unborn children ?

Who needs to buy a bottle of perfume from  a  Parisienne store, when your beloved breaths fills every bees with its magical fragrance that you adore ?

Who needs the recognition of the others,  when your inner core assures you day after day that you are his beloved friend forevermore ?

Who needs to know what happen after death, when you´re aware of the importance of every single moment of your life here and now ?

Who , it always starts with you, and it should always ends by you.
Who is the question that was asked by you about your own life.
Why should  that question be answered by everyone else,  but  not you ?

Who is leading you?
Who is leading your company ?
Who is leading your family ?
Who, is not unknown for those who really knows who they´re.
Who, is the snare that many fanatics and opportunists draws around the necks of those who are still seeking for whom they´re.

 Self awareness is the answer that turns all your who´s to  sharp and unquestionable knows.