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Saturday, 13 December 2014

The magic relation between circles and success !

Do you have to be lucky to succeed in Life ?
The word tur ( Luck ) in the Swedish language consists of the last three letters of the word ( struktur ) structure .
It is no coincidence that misfortune befalls those who lack of a structure, but not any kind of structure. A structure which is created with an open mind and a conscious choice with tenacity and boldness as fuel and ink to serve every thought and word, and every stretch and characters that identifies the required tools of the journey towards the

It is the circle that creates the squares. and it is the squares that creates the opportunities or the obstacles, and it is only when the circle becomes aware of the squares it creates, then the circle creates each square with burning motivation and inner desire that leads to the desired result. This magical relation between your Circle and your Square is the oxygene that success spreads in the air.
Your square is your unconscious structure of repeated deeds, and your circle is the brain behind it .Now the question is , are we aware how did we got our Square , or are we circulating around and around to nowhere ?
The more we work on the relation between our thoughts and our actions , the less the conflict with the structure misleads us away from our goals.

Take care of the circle you have between your ears ,feed it up with healthy thoughts, inspire it with fantastic dreams, clearing it up of the dangerous elements that leads you away from your goals, sharpen it as a double-edged sword. To defend your Dreams with the one hand , and to reach your victories with the other hand. Try occasionally to examine your abandoned tracks where you walk day after day, and reflect on the results you get and be prepared to restructure it if required ..
Success is not a good luck. It is a structure of the repeated good walk !

Sunday, 30 November 2014


It was said that nothing new under the sun, and things have repeated themselves in different forms in different circumstances, but I must say that everything is new under the sun and nothing repeats itself, not even the smallest snowflake has a similar snowflake with the same character. But this is a truth only for those who are aware of their unique role in contributing to sustainable solutions that cover the three main areas.
 People, Nature and comprehensive Peace in a way that creates harmony, and in this way, it feels like a natural continuation of the journey of development as the generations through the ages have created.
 Doing business with a focus on only material return is a short date product that will make its owner disappointed when the harvest of the business turns out to be full of weeds that not even the animals want it. The spirit with rapid developments in the technical areas should not blind us to the most important long-term goals, we have to create the world our grandchildren to live in. A world free from life-threatening serious concern for people and nature, and last but not least for the threatened Peace.
Such worries that greed, selfishness, fanaticism and environmental degradation serve as deadly landmines for the coming generations. There is nothing wrong with making money when we serve others, the big mistake lies in making money at the expense of our grandchildren .

Now the question is, when you and I have finished our mission in our life's journey, how would we be remembered? Unique creators, Peace builders or Bloody moneymakers?

Alain Safa

Saturday, 8 November 2014

To follow or not to follow ?

When the mass misses the point , and we can't resist what was missed, why do we blame others when we keep playing the wrong game ?
 To be unique is not a policy or a tactic.
 To be unique requires authentic personality and highly respected ethic.
To be unique requires honesty and transparency when we deal with every personal issues or when we deal with real democracy.
We can't build a  copy and paste society and expect diversities.
 We need each other to build a powerful team, but we can't afford it to follow a powerless stream losing our own energy,and we can't empower such  powerless stream hoping to turn it to a powerful team.
 It is powerless because it is built on selfishness and on the greedy steam that steams from stupidity, where everyone trying to win  the prize of the virtual enterprise without knowing or doing .

How can we know what we should follow  ?
 How can we identify if we don't ask  how , when, where and why ?
 How can we know the way to go ?
 We take two steps back and look at the mirror of our goals.
 Our goals should reflect our inner ,as much as our faces  should reflect our innermost core.

 By Following every trend ,we will not reach a happy end, neither we will find pure gold by seeking in the empty sand.

Being a unique human being is one time for all.
 We should always remember that one size can't fits all, but we should never forget that one purpose and one goal  can fit all only if it is generated  form the core of  each unique soul.
 So follow the stream of your core team and feel the power of your wings when you soar. / Alain Safa

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Changing or expiring ? The choice is yours !

When someone says you've changed, it confirms that you have been renewed and that your motivation has not expired. The changing process is nothing but life's reincarnation without the need to pass through the peer pressure inhumane mortality. May your change  reflects the power and the will that has shaped you up to become the inspiration for renewal and innovation wherever you are. May it serve as a bridge that links the present with the future and making it possible for all who wish to skip the mortality annihilating judgment which constitutes the negative peer pressure that falls upon all those who dare to walk on the path of changing , and who dare to think outside the box in order to renew the inner Power of their desire to live such meaningful Life. Remember that if you manage to change your life, then you have succeeded in changing the whole world. / Alain Safa

Förändring eller föråldring ? Valet är ditt !

När någon säger du har förändrats, det bekräftar att du har förnyats och att du har inte föråldrats . Förändringen är livets reinkarnation utan behovet att passera genom grupptrycket  omänskliga dödlighet . Må din förändring återspegla den kraft och den vilja som har format dig till att bli en inspirationskälla för förnyelse och innovation . Må den tjäna som en bro som  binder nuet med framtiden och som gör det möjligt  för alla som önskar sig att skippa den dödlighetens förintande dom som utgör  den negativa grupptrycket som faller över alla som vågar att tänka utanför boxen. kom ihåg att om du lyckas att ändra dig , då har du lyckats med att ändra världen. / Alain Safa

Friday, 31 October 2014

Free zone ...

Our bodies are too small as we stumble in our tiny comfort zone as we bow and  stand. Our souls are so grand when we broaden the universe of our  free zones  like eagles that never lands ./ Alain Safa

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Are You a Fire starter ?

Aspiration is the mother of admiration. You are what you aspire, and you aspire what you admire. If we aspire success ,we have to clarify our goals and the way we aim to reach them. Being clear on what we want and why we want it, makes the motivation soar higher, and it turns our ability to achieve it to a vulcano of fire . Be that clear light like a full moon at midnight , and ignite that fire in every person you can inspire ! People has always admired the sunlight for the hope it ignites .

Now , what would takes you to become a fire starter ?

Would it takes courage , Empathy or responsibility ?
Whatever it takes . it is worth the efforts and the results it brings to you at the first hand , and to those who get inspired by your fire.
The fire starter in you  might be the starting key of the process of what you really aspire and admire in your life

Alain Safa

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Are you the weakest link ?

How many times have you read the following statement, The chain is as strong as the weakest link?
How does it feels if you were that famous weak link in your business?
What about if you were the leader that weakens the entire chain?
Do you have any idea about how would the rest of the chain will handle the pressure without you?
Are you so sure that the chain will hold out against pressure from your other competitors?
What if you were really the weakest link in your business, and no one dares to talk to you about it because you do not listen when others talk, and you shift the burden from you by blaming everyone and everything for the poor performance because you do not realize your own influence on the chain's endurance.

What would help you to realize that if no one in your inner circle highlighted it for you?
Let me as part of your chain to be honest with you and share with you a few thoughts you might appreciate if you listen carefully.
I ask you to listen carefully to what I say, and I hope you can tell me later on what I have said to you and how you understood my message?

Firstly, I want to tell you how I appreciate you as a person with a warm and open heart and a generous leader who shares his material wealth with us.
This warm personality made it difficult for the rest of us to point out to you the weakness that your leadership has in other respects which are so important to the strength of the entire group. We decided to keep silent about our fear, not telling you because you showed an enormous resistance to listening to the views of others, even when those closest colleagues have spoken about some decisions you have made,such decision which has a huge influence over the group's future without even asking us about our views.
I want to tell you about the bitter truth of our situation when we still have a chance to survive , yet we stand on the threshold of a total collapse. The entire chain has become as weak as your leader's style, and the only salvation that can save us is none other than your change of behaviors. You must realize that by listening to us, you'll save yourself and you save the rest of us too.
The irony of it all with this saying that the chain is as strong as the weakest link is that we are the leading company in the world to manufacture durable and strong chains.

We must practice what we preach, or atlest what we manufacture .
Finally, I strongly recommend you to get helped by a coach who can make you aware of your strengths and helps you to overcome your weaknesses.

Alain Safa

Thursday, 23 October 2014

The rule of law and the rules of life . A lesson from London..

What I learned... My Chevening story

When I was awarded the Chevening scholarship in the summer of 2013, my family and close friends were delighted, yet after every display of happiness and excitement I always seemed to get the same words over and over again: 'you will never come back'.
One year later here I am back in Lebanon, fond of this country now more than ever. Why you might ask, well it’s all about how you perceive your experience in the UK.

I left at a time when Lebanon was going through probably the worst episodes of its post-civil war era. Car bombs, kidnappings, armed clashes, crumbling institutions, a collapsing economy…an almost failed state. At the beginning of September 2013 I was living in London, the most idealistic city on the planet, the closest you can get to a Utopia.

In London I learned a great deal. I learned the value of time; never stop walking, especially when standing on the left side of electric stairs. I learned that queuing is not degrading but an opportunity to meet new people. I learned that I can sometimes learn from hippies as much as from my fellow lawyers. I learned that owning a car could be a burden and that tube strikes will make you ride a bicycle.

In London I learned that Paris is boring and that the sun is a privilege not a right. I learned that Long distance relationships are a bad idea and that house parties are messy, fun and easy on the pocket. In London I learned a great deal. In London I acquired efficiency, I absorbed humbleness, I sensed the power of solidarity but mostly in London I saw, felt and mastered tolerance.

In London I never was a stranger, In London no one and everyone is a stranger. In London from the moment you ride the tube you become a Londoner and you never seize to be one.

'You will never come back' they said but here I am, for what I learned in London was actually more about Lebanon than London.

In a city where half the population are foreigners and you find almost every nationality, religion, ethnic group and ideology there seemed to be no minority and no majority. What you find in London are individuals living and coexisting peacefully in a well-planned and organized city where no one lives under the sun but everyone lives under the rule of law.

In Beirut we share many religions but one nationality, one language, one culture, one history, one present and one future yet we seem to act and live as if nothing unites us but hummus, arrogance and a passport.

If I learned anything from London, it’s that diversity and pluralism are never a drawback, never a burden but the most noble of strengths. If I learned anything from London, it’s that a society can be, only if it chooses to be.

In London I learned that hope for Lebanon exists and a bright future for its people doesn’t need a miracle or an international conference in Doha, just the will to live and coexist as individuals under the rule of law.

In Beirut we have 300 sunny days a year, with the will and a little from what I learned in London I believe that one day in the near future we will never have to mind suspicious cars, but just 'the gap between the train and the platform'.

Hussein El Achi

Chevening Scholar 2013/2014


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Personal Experience can heal.

Our authentic personal experiences as human being have a special way of touching the mind and heart , even the hearts of the hard ones. They may be among the most powerful counter narratives we can offer to people who's in desperate need of recognition and understanding. People who´s desperation is the fuel for the machinery of any cult or terror organization. The message of our personal experiences is much more grand and compelling than any terror organization or cult has to offer to those desperate people: You are our brothers and sisters, and we need you as much as you need us.The earth is our home , and it is wide enough to contain all the fantastic ideas we can share together , with respect and acceptance for each other's uniquity . It is obvious evidence which is given by the nature around us, this variation of the colors of the flowers, creatures , seasons and vegetation. Everything breathing harmony and cooperation., why shoulden't we do the same ? Secular, Muslim, Christian, Atheist, Hindi or Jew -- we are all human beings, with human minds. That is our strength and our vulnerability.  It is about time to collaborate instead of evaporate the chances of living in peace and harmony for the coming generations . / Alain Safa

Vad andas du ?


Jag har aldrig sett eller hört en människa som var glad och lycklig bara för att han / hon var rik i materiellt avseende, trots att det är inget fel med att vara rik, men de lyckliga har sin riktiga rikedom i sin frihet och sin andliga tillstånd. De har sin passion i att hjälpa mänskligheten att växa i kärlek och kunskap , och de  bryr sig om hållbar utveckling både för människor, djur och natur , men låter sig inte bli lurade av religionens bedrägliga knep, och de bryr sig absolut inte den religiösa dogman som har snärjt människorna med läror och vidskepelser om ett helvete som väntar på dem som inte följer slaveriets väg till så kallade paradiset. Fanatismen andas grymhet , medan humanismen andas frihet. Vad andas du ? / Alain Safa

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Change your range !

All changes are hard at the sowing time, messy in the growing time and gorgeous at the Harvest time.
 We harvest what we sow no matter if we sow cowardness or skillful mastery .
 The fruits of your changes are the reality you create by your own .
 Shifting the burden on the other's shoulders won´t grant you the change you want.

 Sow your seeds on the fertile soil. water it,nourish it , protect it from the weeds of your thoughts.
 Don´t be that lazy frog in a boiling water. Your awakeness in the process is required if you won't get tired.
 Season's of successes doesn't wear the robe of laziness , they arrive together with the zealousness of the iron will , visions and beautiful skills.

Changes are the colors of the blue heaven, and the green hills.
Changes are the smiles you bring to  that you used to kill.
Changes are the listening of the resurrected sentences uttered by the unseen human's freewill.

Changes grants your spirit the joy of heart,

they reveal the hidden secrets of happiness, and they harmonize your life making you both beautiful and wise.

Changes , practical and wise, allow you to help others, and help you to pay your own bills.

/ Alain Safa

Don´t take her for granted !

Eyes are the soul' s lamp
Oil is the lamp's thoughts
Thoughts are the mirrors of emotions
Emotions are the winds of the storm
Storms are the source of Life

How could you walk into darkness without inner light ?
How could you smooth your wounds without thoughtful oil ?
How could you  style your mind without emotional mirrors ?
How could you express your
feelings without revolution ?
How could you change the world without storm of hopes ?
How could you live your life without Love ?

Life standing under the moonlight and watching you .
Curious of you,
Wanting to know what are  your plans for her tonight ?
Are you going to switch off your eyes early tonight ?
Are you in diet rejecting all kind of sweet thoughts ?
Oh maybe you don´t care for how you look like ?
When was it last time you mirrored yourself on the river of life ?
When was it last time you allowed your emotions to flow over your wisdom ? 

 Life wearing its white dress like a bride waiting for her groom.
Don´t let her wait that long. You are about to miss the point.
Don´t take her for granted.
Life is eternal only if you don´t end it .
/ Alain Safa

Monday, 13 October 2014

Soaring above limits ...

Soaring above limits
Opening my wings
holding my dream in my steam
Looking down watching the town
seeing kings out of their crowns
Women weeping
Childrens sleeping
Horses stepping
Tears fall down
Heart pounds
Religions killing with sword
No mercy
No tolerance
No Lord

Soaring above limits
Creating new ground
Sowing the seeds of heaven
watering it with beautiful sound
Music plays around
Dancing doves
No more gloves
Bare hands
Boys and girls
Flowers and birds
Heaven on earth
Landing for my rebirth .

/Alain Safa

Monday, 6 October 2014

How important is your tonality for the process ?

What makes a blind man see is a voice full of warmth and harmony.
 If your voice comes from the depth of your heart ,
pure like crystal ,
soft like doves,
 appealingly like delicious meal for a hungry child,
 painting visions with colors of joy.
 A voice who can touch the soul and the heart is an instrument who can operate effectively if we use it with passion , interest and respect for those who listen to it .
 Your tonality is the mirror of your personality.

 / Alain Safa

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Words of Gold...

Sometimes words are mistakes when they´re used with linear and flat linguistics spirit and colorless terms; they’re not only just poorly written. Sometimes they’re a manifestation of one’s deep belief or disbelief in the World and humanity. Poorly chosen words used by a coach are a fundamentally misguided view of the mission of a good coach . They are very harmful for the partnership with our clients, and for the development of the entire world around us. I believe in the systematic thinking and the well chosen language with words of gold that leads to a total understanding of the needs , of the goals and the steering of the whole process. Such Words of gold will successfully lead us to the harbor of the great solutions, created by the intensive listening and the good reading from our clients' own dictionary.

 / Alain Safa

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Leda eller vilseleda ?

Livets resa har en enda väg och en enda destination för de chefer som lever i en sluten och dogmatisk affärsvärld som har formats av trånsynta och kortsiktiga vinststrategier.
Sådana chefer har aldrig försökt att undersöka de milliontals andra vägar som har blivit banade som levande språngbrädor gjorda utav mångfaceterade tänkesätt och idéer utav människor från hela världen .
Dessa chefers organisationer missar de oräkneliga fantastiska andra framgångsrika destinationer som skapar trygghet och tillhörighet för människorna innanför och utanför organisationen.

Ställ dessa frågor högt till dig själv:
1- Är jag den enda vägen och livet för min organisation?
2-Om jag är det , vandrar jag på min egen väg som jag har hittat efter många år av sökandet och förtydligandet av den stora visionen av livets struktur och dess mening för mig och mina medlöpare i organisationen ?
3- Kommer jag att tvinga mina medlöpare att springa efter min egen takt på min enfaldiga väg, eller kommer jag aldrig att tvinga någon att löpa med mig mot sin egen vilja ?
4-kommer Jag att bjuda in de och uppmuntra de att undersöka den bästa vägen som ger de en djup och meningsfull syfte med livet?.
5-Vad är meningen med mitt ledarskap?
6-Vad vill åstadkomma med det?
7-Vad är mitt kall i livet ?
8-Kan jag svara på dessa frågor med ärliga svar ?

Mitt kall i livet är inte bara att leda ett företag som jagar kunder och vinster till vilket pris som helst.
Mitt kall i livet är att betjäna världen och använda mina förmågor i dess tjänst, inte att bli betjänad på andras bekostnad .
Jag kommer att finna glädjen och meningen med livet bara när jag har förstått min plats och min roll in den stora bilden av mänskligheten.
Mitt liv är en gåva till mänskligheten. Jag ger den ovillkorligt till de jag tror att de förtjänar det,men låter ingen att missbruka denna gåva .
Jag vet att lyckligare att ge än att få, men jag kommer inte att kasta mina pärlor för sviner .
Då återstår frågan om hur jag kommer att lyckas med att bevara mina ädla diamanter för de som uppskatter dess värde?

Friday, 3 October 2014

Invest by giving away !

Giving for nothing is the divine way of real success... The strongest and wisest is the one who doesn't give for having back anything in return . Giving for those who deserves , not for those who needs , is the only fruitful investment in human beings. The world will always have needy people which is impossible to feed all their needs,but the one who deserves our efforts are a gift for us because if we don´t offer them our help, we will miss a great opportunity to lead these talented people to self realisation where they can in their turn lead others who deserves their gifts.
/ Alain Safa

Thursday, 2 October 2014

How to matser dictatorship from within ?

It is much easier to free people from external dictators by forcing dictators down with the help of external power,than to free people from internal dictators without altering the structures which holds them prisoners within their own mysterious behaviors. Such behaviors caused by deep-rooted beliefs, holds them prisoners in the kingdom of fear and resistance for any changes. Sadly said,some people prefer to remain prisoners of the past, rather than become masters of the present future. The challenge to remove such dictator from within is double edged, both in our ability as coaches to help them to see the entire structure of their way of thinking and solving conflicts, and in their willingness to shift their mind in order to alter old structures.
What more can we do to help our clients to master their dictators ?

Alain Safa

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Can time heals all kind of wounds ?

Who said that time heals all kind of wounds?
 Who said that time heals all kind of wounds?
 Repeated inefficient solutions and way of thinking will surely cause deeper and irreparable wounds. Time heals all kind of wounds only if we widen up our perspectives, by understanding our own behaviors, changing the way we perceive the behaviors of others, and by weeding out all unwelcome bacteria that invades us from the negative energy of the world around us.

Good mental health is not a product we can buy from supermarket for a cheap price when we are stressed and rushing after successful life.

 Good mental health is a process that needs a daily care and attention in order to remain healthy both physically and mentally.
Take good care of your physical and mental health daily by surrounding yourself with a fresh and uplifting thoughts and ways of using the here and now while keeping focus on a sustainable and better future for all people around you.
 People will listen to you and follow you wherever you ask them to do only if you make them feel that they´re irreplaceable, that the value of their efforts are invaluable and essential for your mental and physical Health as a Leader.
So in order to have a good Health with no wounds around and a good Leader, you have to be a good Human being.

 / Alain Safa

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Home sweet home...

Wherever your spirit lives,
 the winds lives too, and wherever the winds lives ,
 the storm of emotions lives too ,and the swords of life standing there,ready and waiting for the seasons to harvest the ages of spiritual fragrances, once upon the time were souls of roses , lines of memories written by summer nights,  whispers on the ears of the future to read the messages delivered by the love-birds. / Alain Safa

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Han älskar mig för den jag är...

Vill du bli älskad för den du är , eller för den du förväntas av andra att vara ?
Jag personligen vill absolut inte bli älskad för den som förväntas av andra att vara för en enkel anledning... Gud älskar mig för den jag är... vem är du människan som kräver lydnad i gengäld för kärlek ? Kärlek är villkorslös . Gud är kärlek... Det räcker för mig för att känna mig älskad. / Alain Safa

Monday, 17 February 2014


There is no kind of kindness which is not kind.Kindness is the light for the blind and the inner peace for the mind. Be kind and don´t mind if you find your enemies turning from evil to kind./ Alain Safa‏

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Do it now... or let it follow you to the graveyard.


Are you doing things that makes you feel tired already at the first hours of Monday morning ? What is it that you want to do seven days a week and it brings smile on your face  ? When do you think it is time to Think about such important things ? Or are so comfortable with your ended developments and you´re waiting for your last journey to the graveyard ? Few question are worthy to think about for those who still believes that life have more to give./ Alain Safa

Monday, 27 January 2014

Timing ...

How can you know the date ,when you don´t know if you are early or if you are late ? How can you know what is important when you don´t know your weight ? How can you be up to date when you´re always late ?What makes you become a loser or become a Bill Gate ? It is timing what makes things gets GREAT. / Alain Safa

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Talanger ....

Var och en av oss fick egna talanger av Mästaren att investera. Alla har möjlighet att satsa egna talanger i öst och i väst. Kom ihåg att din hantering av dina talanger är upp till testet. Ta väl hand om dina talanger, och din Mästare kommer att ta hand om resten. Bryr du dig om dina talanger? Om inte, jag försäkrar dig att någon annan kommer att göra det, och kommer att få det bästa! / Alain Safa

Talents in action ...

Everyone of us was given own talents by the Master to invest . Everyone has the chance to invest its own talents in east and in west. Remember that your management of your talents is up to test. Take care of your talents very well, and your Master will take care of rest. Don´t you care of your talents?If not, I assure you that someone else will do, and will get the best! / Alain Safa

Tro ,Hopp och Kärlek ...

Religionskritikerna  är absolut inte de som är Gudstrons verkliga dödgrävare. Den rollen tillfaller snarare inskränkta och fanatiska grupper och sekter som missbrukar tron för sina egna inhumana och destruktiva syften. Tro ,hopp och kärlek  är den trenigheten som är symbolen för sann humanism , men samtidigt som är helt främmande för de som har kidnappat Gud och gjort honom till en grym och blind härskare. Gud är en sann kärlek för de som vågar att kritisera de orättvisor som bedrivs av de trolösa ,Gudlösa religiösa fanatiker. / Alain Safa

Faith . Hope and Love ...

Religion Critics are certainly not those who are God's Faith real gravedigger. That role goes to the rather narrow-minded and fanatical groups and sects that are  abusing the faith of their own inhumane and destructive purposes. Faith, hope and love is the Trinity which is the symbol of true humanism, but while that is completely foreign to those who have hijacked God and turned him into a cruel and blind rulers. God is a true love for those who dare to criticize the injustices carried out by the faithless, Godless religious fanatics. / Alain Safa

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Thouch !

If we can´t touch the depth of the people we meet,our deeds are not worthy that much. Make sure that whatever you do,you´re deeply touching the hearts of those who´re effected by your seeds , by your deeds, by your words , by your ears. They feel nourished ,encouraged and enjoying the inner peace. / Alain Safa

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The gift

Anyone who begrudge others for the gifts they have, he / she did not deserved to get own gifts./ Alain Safa

Monday, 13 January 2014


Perspektiv är de glasögon som den gamla visdomen använder för att se den nya insikter. / Alain Safa


Perspective is the eyeglasses that the old wisdom uses in order to see the new insight./ Alain Safa

Can nothingness bring you results ?

Rapid harvests tend to reap what laziness has sown. Do not expect the growth of nothingness. Emptiness trees only fruit that the lazy can harvest is ... poverty. / Alain Safa

Skörden som aldrig blev sådd.

Snabba skördar har benägenhet att skörda vad lättjan har sått. Förvänta dig inte tillväxt av intet. Tomhetens träd enda frukt som den late kan skörda är... fattigdomen ./ Alain Safa

Muskulösa tankar som lyfter upp.

Stora Filosofier skapar framgångsrika strategier som gör ditt liv och livet  för människor runt omkring dig fullt av glädje och energi. Se till att du antar en av dessa filosofier varje gång du möter strömmar av svårigheter. / Alain Safa

Thoughts makes miracles... Think twice !


Great Philosophies creates successful strategies that makes your life and the life's of people around you full of happiness and energy. Be sure that you adopt one of these philosophies each time you face streams of difficulties./ Alain Safa

Sunday, 12 January 2014


In Common terms creates Friendship.= Communication with God creates eternity. / Alain Safa

Fear ...

When fear fertilized with fanaticism and egoism, it become pregnant and it got the inferno´s first prize . Two childrens. the first one it called him religion, and the second one it called him greedy. Mr Fear raised his kids to become immature individuals, blind in their minds. not in their eyes. Be aware of the kids of fear my dear !
PS: Mr Fear is the one who rules over millions of blind around the world.Don´t call everyone who can see for a seer. All those who commiting crimes are good seers ,otherwise they wont be able to kill what they dont see. Do you see what I mean ? / Alain Safa

Real friends

Those who can touch the heart and reach the depth of the soul are those who are the real rich and not those who have the money.The rich ones are those who can create a whole world with sweat , blood and tears, just to give it away to those who deserves to be called " Friends". How many of your friendlist Friends on Facebook are worthy your blood , sweat and tears ? / Alain Safa

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Before you judge me, try hard to love me...

So many youth among Jehovas Witnesses are searching för their lost childhood.. Michael Jackson wrote this song about his terrible  childhood as a Jehovas witness.