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Saturday 13 December 2014

The magic relation between circles and success !

Do you have to be lucky to succeed in Life ?
The word tur ( Luck ) in the Swedish language consists of the last three letters of the word ( struktur ) structure .
It is no coincidence that misfortune befalls those who lack of a structure, but not any kind of structure. A structure which is created with an open mind and a conscious choice with tenacity and boldness as fuel and ink to serve every thought and word, and every stretch and characters that identifies the required tools of the journey towards the

It is the circle that creates the squares. and it is the squares that creates the opportunities or the obstacles, and it is only when the circle becomes aware of the squares it creates, then the circle creates each square with burning motivation and inner desire that leads to the desired result. This magical relation between your Circle and your Square is the oxygene that success spreads in the air.
Your square is your unconscious structure of repeated deeds, and your circle is the brain behind it .Now the question is , are we aware how did we got our Square , or are we circulating around and around to nowhere ?
The more we work on the relation between our thoughts and our actions , the less the conflict with the structure misleads us away from our goals.

Take care of the circle you have between your ears ,feed it up with healthy thoughts, inspire it with fantastic dreams, clearing it up of the dangerous elements that leads you away from your goals, sharpen it as a double-edged sword. To defend your Dreams with the one hand , and to reach your victories with the other hand. Try occasionally to examine your abandoned tracks where you walk day after day, and reflect on the results you get and be prepared to restructure it if required ..
Success is not a good luck. It is a structure of the repeated good walk !

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