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Sunday 30 November 2014


It was said that nothing new under the sun, and things have repeated themselves in different forms in different circumstances, but I must say that everything is new under the sun and nothing repeats itself, not even the smallest snowflake has a similar snowflake with the same character. But this is a truth only for those who are aware of their unique role in contributing to sustainable solutions that cover the three main areas.
 People, Nature and comprehensive Peace in a way that creates harmony, and in this way, it feels like a natural continuation of the journey of development as the generations through the ages have created.
 Doing business with a focus on only material return is a short date product that will make its owner disappointed when the harvest of the business turns out to be full of weeds that not even the animals want it. The spirit with rapid developments in the technical areas should not blind us to the most important long-term goals, we have to create the world our grandchildren to live in. A world free from life-threatening serious concern for people and nature, and last but not least for the threatened Peace.
Such worries that greed, selfishness, fanaticism and environmental degradation serve as deadly landmines for the coming generations. There is nothing wrong with making money when we serve others, the big mistake lies in making money at the expense of our grandchildren .

Now the question is, when you and I have finished our mission in our life's journey, how would we be remembered? Unique creators, Peace builders or Bloody moneymakers?

Alain Safa

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