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Thursday 6 November 2014

Changing or expiring ? The choice is yours !

When someone says you've changed, it confirms that you have been renewed and that your motivation has not expired. The changing process is nothing but life's reincarnation without the need to pass through the peer pressure inhumane mortality. May your change  reflects the power and the will that has shaped you up to become the inspiration for renewal and innovation wherever you are. May it serve as a bridge that links the present with the future and making it possible for all who wish to skip the mortality annihilating judgment which constitutes the negative peer pressure that falls upon all those who dare to walk on the path of changing , and who dare to think outside the box in order to renew the inner Power of their desire to live such meaningful Life. Remember that if you manage to change your life, then you have succeeded in changing the whole world. / Alain Safa

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