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Saturday 8 November 2014

To follow or not to follow ?

When the mass misses the point , and we can't resist what was missed, why do we blame others when we keep playing the wrong game ?
 To be unique is not a policy or a tactic.
 To be unique requires authentic personality and highly respected ethic.
To be unique requires honesty and transparency when we deal with every personal issues or when we deal with real democracy.
We can't build a  copy and paste society and expect diversities.
 We need each other to build a powerful team, but we can't afford it to follow a powerless stream losing our own energy,and we can't empower such  powerless stream hoping to turn it to a powerful team.
 It is powerless because it is built on selfishness and on the greedy steam that steams from stupidity, where everyone trying to win  the prize of the virtual enterprise without knowing or doing .

How can we know what we should follow  ?
 How can we identify if we don't ask  how , when, where and why ?
 How can we know the way to go ?
 We take two steps back and look at the mirror of our goals.
 Our goals should reflect our inner ,as much as our faces  should reflect our innermost core.

 By Following every trend ,we will not reach a happy end, neither we will find pure gold by seeking in the empty sand.

Being a unique human being is one time for all.
 We should always remember that one size can't fits all, but we should never forget that one purpose and one goal  can fit all only if it is generated  form the core of  each unique soul.
 So follow the stream of your core team and feel the power of your wings when you soar. / Alain Safa

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