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Wednesday 1 October 2014

Can time heals all kind of wounds ?

Who said that time heals all kind of wounds?
 Who said that time heals all kind of wounds?
 Repeated inefficient solutions and way of thinking will surely cause deeper and irreparable wounds. Time heals all kind of wounds only if we widen up our perspectives, by understanding our own behaviors, changing the way we perceive the behaviors of others, and by weeding out all unwelcome bacteria that invades us from the negative energy of the world around us.

Good mental health is not a product we can buy from supermarket for a cheap price when we are stressed and rushing after successful life.

 Good mental health is a process that needs a daily care and attention in order to remain healthy both physically and mentally.
Take good care of your physical and mental health daily by surrounding yourself with a fresh and uplifting thoughts and ways of using the here and now while keeping focus on a sustainable and better future for all people around you.
 People will listen to you and follow you wherever you ask them to do only if you make them feel that they´re irreplaceable, that the value of their efforts are invaluable and essential for your mental and physical Health as a Leader.
So in order to have a good Health with no wounds around and a good Leader, you have to be a good Human being.

 / Alain Safa

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