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Wednesday 22 October 2014

Personal Experience can heal.

Our authentic personal experiences as human being have a special way of touching the mind and heart , even the hearts of the hard ones. They may be among the most powerful counter narratives we can offer to people who's in desperate need of recognition and understanding. People who´s desperation is the fuel for the machinery of any cult or terror organization. The message of our personal experiences is much more grand and compelling than any terror organization or cult has to offer to those desperate people: You are our brothers and sisters, and we need you as much as you need us.The earth is our home , and it is wide enough to contain all the fantastic ideas we can share together , with respect and acceptance for each other's uniquity . It is obvious evidence which is given by the nature around us, this variation of the colors of the flowers, creatures , seasons and vegetation. Everything breathing harmony and cooperation., why shoulden't we do the same ? Secular, Muslim, Christian, Atheist, Hindi or Jew -- we are all human beings, with human minds. That is our strength and our vulnerability.  It is about time to collaborate instead of evaporate the chances of living in peace and harmony for the coming generations . / Alain Safa

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