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Tuesday 14 October 2014

Change your range !

All changes are hard at the sowing time, messy in the growing time and gorgeous at the Harvest time.
 We harvest what we sow no matter if we sow cowardness or skillful mastery .
 The fruits of your changes are the reality you create by your own .
 Shifting the burden on the other's shoulders won´t grant you the change you want.

 Sow your seeds on the fertile soil. water it,nourish it , protect it from the weeds of your thoughts.
 Don´t be that lazy frog in a boiling water. Your awakeness in the process is required if you won't get tired.
 Season's of successes doesn't wear the robe of laziness , they arrive together with the zealousness of the iron will , visions and beautiful skills.

Changes are the colors of the blue heaven, and the green hills.
Changes are the smiles you bring to  that you used to kill.
Changes are the listening of the resurrected sentences uttered by the unseen human's freewill.

Changes grants your spirit the joy of heart,

they reveal the hidden secrets of happiness, and they harmonize your life making you both beautiful and wise.

Changes , practical and wise, allow you to help others, and help you to pay your own bills.

/ Alain Safa

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