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Tuesday 14 October 2014

Don´t take her for granted !

Eyes are the soul' s lamp
Oil is the lamp's thoughts
Thoughts are the mirrors of emotions
Emotions are the winds of the storm
Storms are the source of Life

How could you walk into darkness without inner light ?
How could you smooth your wounds without thoughtful oil ?
How could you  style your mind without emotional mirrors ?
How could you express your
feelings without revolution ?
How could you change the world without storm of hopes ?
How could you live your life without Love ?

Life standing under the moonlight and watching you .
Curious of you,
Wanting to know what are  your plans for her tonight ?
Are you going to switch off your eyes early tonight ?
Are you in diet rejecting all kind of sweet thoughts ?
Oh maybe you don´t care for how you look like ?
When was it last time you mirrored yourself on the river of life ?
When was it last time you allowed your emotions to flow over your wisdom ? 

 Life wearing its white dress like a bride waiting for her groom.
Don´t let her wait that long. You are about to miss the point.
Don´t take her for granted.
Life is eternal only if you don´t end it .
/ Alain Safa

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