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Tuesday 28 October 2014

Are You a Fire starter ?

Aspiration is the mother of admiration. You are what you aspire, and you aspire what you admire. If we aspire success ,we have to clarify our goals and the way we aim to reach them. Being clear on what we want and why we want it, makes the motivation soar higher, and it turns our ability to achieve it to a vulcano of fire . Be that clear light like a full moon at midnight , and ignite that fire in every person you can inspire ! People has always admired the sunlight for the hope it ignites .

Now , what would takes you to become a fire starter ?

Would it takes courage , Empathy or responsibility ?
Whatever it takes . it is worth the efforts and the results it brings to you at the first hand , and to those who get inspired by your fire.
The fire starter in you  might be the starting key of the process of what you really aspire and admire in your life

Alain Safa

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