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Sunday 26 October 2014

Are you the weakest link ?

How many times have you read the following statement, The chain is as strong as the weakest link?
How does it feels if you were that famous weak link in your business?
What about if you were the leader that weakens the entire chain?
Do you have any idea about how would the rest of the chain will handle the pressure without you?
Are you so sure that the chain will hold out against pressure from your other competitors?
What if you were really the weakest link in your business, and no one dares to talk to you about it because you do not listen when others talk, and you shift the burden from you by blaming everyone and everything for the poor performance because you do not realize your own influence on the chain's endurance.

What would help you to realize that if no one in your inner circle highlighted it for you?
Let me as part of your chain to be honest with you and share with you a few thoughts you might appreciate if you listen carefully.
I ask you to listen carefully to what I say, and I hope you can tell me later on what I have said to you and how you understood my message?

Firstly, I want to tell you how I appreciate you as a person with a warm and open heart and a generous leader who shares his material wealth with us.
This warm personality made it difficult for the rest of us to point out to you the weakness that your leadership has in other respects which are so important to the strength of the entire group. We decided to keep silent about our fear, not telling you because you showed an enormous resistance to listening to the views of others, even when those closest colleagues have spoken about some decisions you have made,such decision which has a huge influence over the group's future without even asking us about our views.
I want to tell you about the bitter truth of our situation when we still have a chance to survive , yet we stand on the threshold of a total collapse. The entire chain has become as weak as your leader's style, and the only salvation that can save us is none other than your change of behaviors. You must realize that by listening to us, you'll save yourself and you save the rest of us too.
The irony of it all with this saying that the chain is as strong as the weakest link is that we are the leading company in the world to manufacture durable and strong chains.

We must practice what we preach, or atlest what we manufacture .
Finally, I strongly recommend you to get helped by a coach who can make you aware of your strengths and helps you to overcome your weaknesses.

Alain Safa

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