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Tuesday 16 July 2019

The promised land is created by your hands

Dreams are created to be new realities.
Dreams are created to generate hope and energy.
Dreams are created to be measured with own faith and deeds.
I've learned to turn every threat into an opportunity.
This makes me say to my brave daughter;
 I'm proud of you my precious juwel.
The shadow of your appel tree that others dislike now, is the reality of your flourishing paradise which you create with your own hands, and which will draw people to its wonderful surrounding.
This tree will protect you from the sun, will be the home of the singing migrant birds from all over the World with all possible languages .
You have my southern blood running into your veins, with almonds on the top, orange fruits like the sun and the endless optimism on your fruitful lips.
Keep your Dreams alive, and they'll keep you busy doing wonderful things, thinking wonderful thoughts , and singing with your international birds Choir.

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