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Saturday 13 April 2013

Late party is never late.

She came late to the party.
 The guests were waiting for her arrival.
 Everyone was curious about her appearance.
 No one knew what she was wearing.
Nobody could have imagined what she had in mind.
 Her thoughts were filled with waves of energy.
The guests were shocked sharply,
 Even though she came into the party sleeping for one second,
And upsetting for the other second, Nevertheless,
None of the guests wanted to leave the party.
 All have broadened their lives to her volcano who continues to spit out lava of the depth of her mother earth Safa.
 Everyone is waiting for the spring,
 When the volcano stops within her,
 And the real party begins.
 Everyone is waiting for the party,
 Even her distant grandfather who stands in the distance,
And looking up into the blue and white heaven,
And telling God to send His angels to help the sleeping princess.
So He can see her in her eyes,
 And take the last dance with her before he leave the party.
Alain Safa 

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