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Saturday 13 April 2013

I am who I am .

I am younger than the dream that still living in the newborn baby's imagination.
 I'm older than the rocks at death's flowing river.
 I am a life that climbing the tree of eternity.
 I am the leaves that have been sleeping all winter to wake up when the sun kisses me in a beautiful April day.
 I am the passion´s fruits that feed my beloved ones with unconditional love
. I am unapologetic positive.
 I am vaccinated against pessimism´s deadly virus.
 I am a man who has been suckled pain from my mother's breasts to be the one who has signed a pact with the eternal joy and the tireless hope.
 I am a father,
I am son,
I am brother.
 I am a lover.
 I am  part of God´s love and power.
 I am Alain Safa

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