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Monday 11 April 2016

Paradims are not your Paradise

Birds has  always found refuge in mighty trees. Birds sings their songs without permission from the noisy winds . Birds stretchs out their wings in the empty sky , and yet they still needs more space to enjoy the feeling of being free. You are more valuable than birds. You were born  to be free ,to think free, to sing your own song. To have the right to be right or to be wrong. Why allowing slaves to dictate for you what to do and not to do ?
The Slaves of today are nothing but the Products of our own thoughts and beleifes . Our Paradims are dictating like storms of sands , creating false realities, hindering our minds to see the clear coast . Don't get lost ! be like a free bird. follow your heart and don't shut down your mind , then only then you'll seek and find.
Paradims are not our paradise , but they could be our hell as well !

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