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Tuesday 17 May 2016


Any other embryological atmosfair than the matrix of growth  is nothing but a cemetery for the soul and the mind. Any new Life that starts in the matrix of love and respect is determined to grow rich and healthy.  We born twice. once by our parents, and once again by our talent. It is impossible to reborn again if we don't  bury our wrong perspectives of the World in the cemetery of the fertile soil. Some people fear to die like the seed in order to born again. Some people are afraid of leaving their Comfort (Shell ) zone, and yet they're seeking for success and prosperity  in the cemetery among dead .Nature is a great teacher.
Botanically we know quite a bit about seeds and how they germinate. We know that a seed consists of a protective seed coat, some kind of storage tissue with nutrient reserves, and a dormant plant embryo. We further know that under the correct conditions the dormant embryo can be "awakened" to germinate and grow into a mature plant.

We can't grow rich under the wrong conditions , in the wrong Place , equipped with the wrong mind, wearing the wrong coat.
We can't discover our potential and nutrient reserves if we refuse to bury our soul in the good soil , associate with the right people, reading the right books, loving the right partner. Look around yourself and examine your soil, your Place , your conditions , and take the needed steps to start the process of your rebirth if you haven't done it yet.

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