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Saturday 23 January 2021

Don't age in their cage


The older I get, the less I get surprised.

Life is not a lonely game as you decide the rules of the game. Life is an interplay between your values, your abilities, your limitations and your expectations.

Proclaiming yourself a winner is a great way to remain a winner in this endless game.

You will not win over the outer opponent unless you first win over your inner opponent.

You learn that gain is not a quick-fix workout.

The victory is a win-win between thick and thin.

A balance between being alive and living life.

A decision to be free from all possible materialistic obsession.

You get punished sometimes because you want to win your fight.

You get blocked sometimes because you want to share joy with someone who misses it.

You are sometimes excluded because your wings do not fit in their cage, and you thank them for that, because you have won the interplay of your life.

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