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Saturday 16 January 2021


 Angry ocean

Moving emotions

Waves so high

Life-saving requires a try

A tiny little boat

A brave captain from Beirut,

 sailing between the notes .

Cry came from the sky

 Angels wondering when , how and why

When will they sing and rejoice again ?

And how many will join them ?

And why do so many lack faith?

Talking about faith in the middle of a global storm

Such faith that stands in thin and thick

such faith that can move mountain -like  waves

such faith must be sealed with 3 letters


Waterproof faith

Such faith allows you to remain dry

Such faith will prevent you to die

Such faith will make you fly

Such faith can only be found in the heart of your butterfly

Such faith is tight-connected to freedom.

Do you still wonder why Jesus said, what he said, when he said it so high ?

You'll know the truth, and the truth will set you free .

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