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Saturday 5 January 2013

No need to imagine.. it becomes true

It's not a dream anymore.

It's not a wish.

It's not an illusion.

Heaven on earth can be achieved.

Heaven on Earth is a reality.

Heaven on earth is a state of mind.

Hell on earth is every fanatical groups and individuals who can not accept other people from other countries.

We are more than the religious fanatics.

We are more than the pessimistic analysts.

We are more than the bloodthirsty criminals who divides.

No more borders

No more prisoners

No more war

The state of mind that every free person has is a heaven for all the trapped people waiting for freedom in the home-made religions prison landscape.

The state of mind of helpful people is a real and a safe home for the rich and homeless palace owners who have won money, but they have lost inner peace and harmony.

Dear John Lennon ... Your dream has become a reality.

No heaven above us. No hell too.

No God, no devils, no angels. Did mean it this way?

There are plenty of bastards who run fleet vehicles on the streets.

There are billions of angels have no wings.

There are millions home-made gods that are mushrooming.

You may say I'm a dreamer dear John,

But I'm not the only one.

I believe in God

Not the god made by people who have found a home- made god and drew him to the leaves of old books.

Not the god who selected some people as his own people, and shit on the rest of the world.

Not the god who has given an order to kill women, children and elderly, just because they belonged to the wrong tribe.

Oh no my dear John!

The home-made deities has scared both of you and me.

The home-made goodness is the reason behind the misery.

God is love.

God loves you just as much as loves me.

We received answers to our prayers

Our prayers has been heard

We have not been praying to the God of religion.

We prayed to the God who can speak to mankind with a single sentence. This sentence may we show each other on our heavenly earth in words and in deeds.

"I love you no matter if you love me."

 This is the God of love
This God created us to its image.
Imagine ? Oh no ... look and see on the eyes of people arround us.
The hope is growing bigger. 
Go ahead and tell the hopeless people that a new world is here.

/ By Alain Safa

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