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Saturday 9 February 2013

Enjoy the party of life

Life is not a mystery difficult to resolve. It is a divine birthday . Its gift to us is a delicious cake stuffed with all sorts of surprises and each one of us has own specific part of it. Do not blame on the others if you didn´t eat your personal part, and do not eat the other people´s personal parts either, and don´t say that was God´s will. If the party was over, and yet you still haven´t eat your part of the cake, be sure that you´ve never been invited to this party. Those who survive life´s different challenges are definitely not weak ones. The only survivals are the strong ones which struggle to get back their personal part of the cake from the mouths of the monsters of the worlds religions who´s enjoying to eat everyones part of the cake in the name of God.. 
Alain Safa

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