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Saturday 2 March 2013

Beautiful world

I am sharing few lines from my manuscript to my new book " What a beautiful world "
I know that some people may reasoning that it is not important what kind of cloth we have on us. The important is what kind of body and soul we have under these cloth, but having the wrong sign over the right product might fool people and misleading them to choose the wrong product. Our personality is the product, and the sign is our cloth. For example we can´t wear the cloth of belly dancer and stand behind the office in the bank and give people the right image. People will not connect us to the place. The same it is with wearing the wrong type of cloth on us. If we are supporters of freedom and transparency, we can´t wear a veil who covers our faces and body´s who have its own language . Tell me what you wear, I ´ll tell you who you are.
 / Alain Safa

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