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Sunday 24 March 2013

Simplicity makes the beauty

One of the most wonderful things in life is the simple truth about being thankful for all the great simple  things around you. Believe me it is not worthless to awake in a warm bed , to open the fridge and eat your breakfast, to bake your own fresh bread,to listen to the music of the singing birds with its divine symphony , to watch the sunrise and to let its rays caress your skin. If you  think that all what i mentioned above is not what you call quality of life, let me tell you  then  that you´ve missed the most precious things of life." Simplicity and appreciation." In this Palm sunday the simplicity of the Christ might makes you to pay attention to this great gift. Be simple and honest and open your mind and sences to recieve the blessing from things around you./ Alain Safa 

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