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Thursday 28 March 2013

Count your days ...

Life is too short, your days can be counted in one single hand.
When you were young ,Your days seems to be many like billions of sands
But when get older , you started to understand.
You became aware that valuable things are the sum of loyal friends
You understood that they´re not so many , not even the number of the fingers of your single hand.
You understood how and when and why some people can´t be loyal , and why they always pretend ?
You understood that their religion´s core  is to consume you as new and leave you as second hand.
You understood that God has not chosen special people to bear  His Name, But people abused other people and made them slaves in His Name.
You understood in this short life, that the last remaining steps in your journey are very important, and you understood how important it is to be selective when you choose the right person to walk together  hand in hand .
You understood that hearts of Gold are never worthless like the hearts of sand.
You understood how worthless to look back to the past when you can look ahead to a life without an END.
Alain Safa

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